In this week’s episode, I take a look at the Rayshard Brooks shooting. While George Floyd’s death was an obvious abuse of power by law enforcement, I believe Rayshard Brooks’ death more accurately represents the status quo for what systemic racism actually looks like in America. 

I also take a look at Tasers, their effectiveness, and whether they have any practical use to police officers, or if they have the potential to make life more difficult for police. 

The State of Rhode Island is weighing whether or not the state name should be changed (Remove the word “explanations) so I embark on a brief history. 

And finally…

Genetically modified mosquitos, coming to a place near you. 

Find resources and links below!

Rayshard Brooks Video Timeline

Rayshard Brooks Interview

TASER Article – NPR


TASED then Shot

Senate Reform Bill

ProJo Name Change

RI Facts



Image Credit: REUTERS

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