On May 25th, 2020, George Floyd was murdered by Minneapolis police officers. Since, nationwide protests have been held across all 50 states. But the nation is not unified. Many have made attempts to diminish or delegitimize the efforts to seek justice for George Floyd, or stall the movement for equality focusing instead on looting, rioting, or other tragic events that distract from the moment. This episode examines some of the factors that contribute to those dissenting and skeptical voices, and I talk about what I feel are important steps we must take toward progress. 

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New York Times time-lapse of entire event.






Photography Credit: Kerem Yucel, AP/Getty

One thought on “Podcast: George Floyd – Work to Be Done”
  1. […] A black man is killed in the streets. Again. A name among countless. This time is too far. This time the people decide that they must do something because the law is not on their side – the Law is killing their brothers and sisters. They protest, they revolt, hundreds of years of pent-up frustration fueled by centuries of oppression pour out. They march, they shout, sometimes they burn and destroy. Cities around the country resemble the aftermath caused by frustrated sports fans after their team wins or loses a championship. Cars on fire. A spark of hope ignites in you. Maybe things are changing. Maybe this is what we fight for. “Riots,” the racists say. “Looting and pillaging,” the oppressors shout. “That’s not how you protest,” the ignorant voices exclaim. And there are far too many of those voices. […]

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