Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer at a podium

This week, I focus on bipartisanship and try to determine whether or not it’s a myth. Is there a lack of bipartisanship, or just overwhelming obstructionism? Does current proposed legislation have mass appeal, or does it only help a narrow section of Americans? You’ll find the answers here. I also delve into this week’s headlines, from flooding and wildfires to the delta variant and Trump’s latest misstep. 

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Show Notes


Our World in Data: COVID-19 Data Explorer 

CNN: Presidential Election Results and Electoral Map 2020

NPR: COVID-19 Deaths Are Rising, And 99% Of Them Are People Who Are Unvaccinated  

NFL: NFL informs clubs that COVID-19 outbreaks among unvaccinated players could lead to forfeited games

NBC News: Watch: Dr. Fauci, Sen. Rand Paul Clash During Congressional Hearing 

NBC News: CDC Director Walensky Warns Of ‘Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated’ 


NYT: The New York Times Flooding in Europe, in Pictures

CNN: Opinion: Europe’s flood tragedy didn’t have to be this severe

CBS: “No one was prepared”: Death toll from flooding in western Europe nears 200

CNN: Deadly floods inundated parts of Europe, but the Netherlands avoided fatalities. 

CTVNEWS: Europe flooding toll over 180 as rescuers dig deeper 

BBC: Europe floods: Rescuers race to find survivors as hundreds remain missing 

AP: Size of Oregon wildfire underscores vastness of the US West 

ProJo: America’s hot spots: R.I. among the fastest-warming states in the U.S. 

ScienceMag: Europe’s deadly floods leave scientists stunned 

ABC:  At least 187 dead, 300 still missing after devastating floods in Europe 

Bipartisanship FACT SHEET: The American Jobs Plan Fact Sheet: The American Families Plan

PBS News Hour: WATCH LIVE: Biden remarks on economic recovery and bipartisan 

WSJ: Senate Infrastructure Bill Drops IRS Funding, Raising Pressure for New Revenue 

NPR: How Republicans Reacted To Joe Manchin’s Voting Rights Offerinfrastructure deal  

GOP Platform: PDF File 

Democrat Platform: 2020 Democratic Party Platform  

Manchin Voting Compromise: DocumentCloud 

Yahoo Finance: Millions of American families plan for ‘life-changing’ Child Tax Credit payments 

WP: Opinion | Manchin’s voting rights compromise is great — except it doesn’t take on ‘election subversion’ 

American Independent: McConnell vows to block 395 House bills: ‘We’re not gonna pass those’ 

Listen Money Matters: Corporate Welfare: How Exactly Does It Affect Us As Americans 

Tax Foundation: Broad-Based Taxes on Consumption and User Fees Are Efficient Ways to Raise Federal Revenue for Infrastructure

Politifact: Facebook post misleads about tax bill breakdown

January 6th Commission

NPR: Jan. 6 Commission Fails In Senate Following GOP Opposition 

The Hill: GOP gambles with Pelosi in opposing Jan. 6 commission 

MSNBC: Newly-Released Audio From Interviews Shows Trump’s Thoughts On Jan. 6 The Hill: Pelosi speaks after REJECTING McCarthy’s picks for Jan. 6 Select Committee

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