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The term Critical Race Theory (CRT) has entered the public conversation in recent months due in large part to conservative outrage about the theory being taught in schools or the workplace. This episode is based on a recent article I wrote of the same title, linked below. 

Part two of this two-part episode explores how critics of CRT and systemic racism come to be so dismissive of these issues. I run down the mental processes I believe they use in order to vilify concepts associate with civil rights and how that framework has come into place. Later in the episode, I question why Democratic branding is not as effective as a lot of the GOP branding, and explain how Critical Race Theory has very little to do with education and everything to do with GOP marketing. 

As always, there’s room for Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, and Liberals to be part of this conversation, so be sure to let me know your thoughts on this divisive issue. 

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Nu Deal Article: https://medium.com/the-nu-deal/getting-real-on-critical-race-theory-part-two-8d7f7b5d71a9 

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