There are many stigmas around student loan debt. Episode 2 of this 6 part series will explore them and, hopefully, dispel some of them. We’ve heard them before. “Students knew what they were doing when they took loans,” or “I was responsible, I paid my bills,” or even “Well then, they shouldn’t have gone to college.” This episode examines some of the economic and cultural factors that catalyzed the student loan crisis,. and demonstrates how many borrowers are in dire situations through no fault of their own.

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Source Links to Check Out

Lists of degrees and income/debt ratio and early career wages. This is the source for the first 3 graphics in the episode.

How parents’ level of education can heavily influence how educated their children will be

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An article explaining how different people are naturally predisposed to certain skillsets.\

Information on how traits like creativity are genetic

Unemployment rates

Tuition Growth

An article examining traits of successful people

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